Work Well – Time In

We are all human beings – even when we are humans doing. The workplace is no exception and to achieve optimum wellbeing, is to achieve optimum potential. We don’t stop being because we are busy.  At Avant Garden, we employ our signature ‘insightful and interactive’ approach to teaching and learning the skills and techniques required for wellbeing, mindful thinking and bigger picture thinking.

Welcome to the present world of Mindfulness and meditation – where being in the now is the key to both personal and business success. Mindfulness and meditative techniques can be easy to learn and adopt quickly, effectively and with lasting improvement in lower stress levels, improving concentration, clarity of mind and creative focus.

Team Building – Time Out

Expanding on the very principles and techniques discovered in our Work Well mindfulness and meditation exercises, our Time Out sessions are personal development activities that are totally hands on, feet in, fingers out and well… just about every part of the body and brain you can imagine.

Read on to see how we instil a sense of derring-do and adventure beyond those limiting comfort zones we all hold, through exceptional team building and insight. Our uniquely devised activities lend themselves to conquering issues across a wide range of work place and work skills issues. For instance, could your people and business benefit from:

  • Heightened sensory awareness in a workplace that calls for stringent health and safety rules?
  • Accessing deeper levels of empathy where the tightening and strengthening of customer bonds and/or inter-staff relationships are key to sales and retention?
  • Harnessing individual acuity and balance of both mind and body where multi-tasking is essential to timely productivity?
  • Sheer confidence and big-picture thinking? (Who couldn’t use more of that!?)

Perhaps your business demands a variety of skills from your people. So you’ll be tickled pink to know that having a bespoke programme tailor-made is what we LOVE to do. Whether afternoon workshops, all-day action or weekend retreats our unusual, upbeat and memorable activities will be blended for your unique individual people who, make up your unique organisational whole.


Admiring the independence, strength and playful will of cats Purrfit adopts an extended feline metaphor to inspire mindful wellbeing. Purrfit encourages individuals to awaken their animal like mind-body connectivity, enhance their physical balance, emotional harmony, sense the immediate joy of tension release, the need for self-care, unhindered confidence in new challenges and, to explore their intuitive potential – unhindered by those all too ‘human’ doubts and fears.

PURR = An expression of healing or contentment. FIT = Able or Ready to adapt.

Purrfit has an effective mantra: “Look. Leap. Live.”

“Look” = the mind and our perspectives.

“Leap” = the body and our self-confidence.

“Live” = the soul and our self expression.


Let go. Get Purrfit. Be More Cat.


Gender roles, identity and expression of sexuality in the workplace continue to be as taboo and confusing as a performance of Shakespeare set in outer space. So, what can MoB offer your people?

Inspired by over 2000 years of ribald, sassy comedy highlighting the inequalities and ambiguities among men and women in society, ‘Gender in a Blender’ challenges participants to discover hidden prejudices, examine new perspectives and well, dress up and act out their frustrations, inspirations and ideals for a equality and respect. Afterall, we all want to be treated fairly and so we are all the fairer sex, aren’t we?

Ministry of Burlesque are the UK’s premier organisation for burlesque theatre having led the vanguard of the resurgence since 2001 and continuing to ‘raise the barre’ of professional production, performance and education with industry adulations, awards and over 500 productions to date.

What is a mermaid (or merman)? Singing beauties, cartoon princesses, haggard sea-beasts or deadly predators…? You decide. Dive down under the surface of the mind to explore an aquatic alter-ego. Work alone, in pairs or teams to retrieve treasure locked on the sea floor and team up like pirates to scuttle each other’s ships in these pool based trust exercises, sea-shanty shenanigans complete with fabulous costumes, rhyming sea-slang and fishy prizes.

Siren School will teach you the lore, legend and legacy of mermaids exploring their meaning and metaphorical power today. Discover too your own hidden depths and strengths in the water, with safe and effective mermaid swimming techniques and emerge as a Siren to Hear the Call…


Think you only have 5 senses? Think again. Through fascinating and easily achievable exercises, participants will learn to develop and use their senses – including some they didn’t even know they had! But what does the world of paranormal investigation have to teach your people?

Well, expansive sensory awareness, acuity, non-prejudiced thinking and delayed detached analysis – individually and in group experiences. Oh, and how to spot a ghost. Perfect for those who need to excel and act in the moment, those who think on their feet and those operating in a haunted office.

Investigate and explore an array of ‘Psi phenomena’ in our laboratory still experiments, training sessions and team exercises. From ESP to hauntings and healing, Psyche Society provides rare and fascinating opportunity to learn research and investigation techniques – guided by a blend of parapsychology and psychical research expertise.


“An Expose” on demystifying Beauty, Gender & Body Confidence. This proffers a combination of art history, contemporary media methodology and evolutionary psychology with shocking instant body morph tricks to melt away those anxieties.

Delivered by a former cover, pinup and catwalk model, participants learn about the truth behind the glamour in print and in reality – how to relate insight to their own image and those of clients and customers. Your fabulous people will learn the subtle science of posing and positioning, how to utilise perspective, reflections, light and shadow for immediate effect in the ‘real world’ e.g. shop floor mirrors.

They will also be able to critically look at and examine the persuasive messages and techniques behind print imagery in advertising and gain a big-picture appreciation of the multi-faceted industry of beauty and fashion and all it’s curves ad contours.


We deliver engaging interactive lectures and talks in the education, health, private and corporate business sectors on a wide array of topics, based on first hand experience of avant-garde business development, the creative process of our brands and their positive impact on others.

Never being one to follow the flock, instead we’ve always asked questions, looked to the overlooked, sought knowledge and direct experience. In overcoming many challenges where we broached new and compromising territory online and, having forged alternative roads in the typically status quo public sector, we have more than enough motivation and moxxy to share.

All of our material is motivating and provides ample opportunity for self discovery and individual growth. From examining perceptions of ourselves and others in the world ‘out there’, to exploring our ‘inner worlds’ of sensory experience and interpretation.