Avant Garden devise and deliver workshops for all ages. Our aim is to challenge unhelpful ‘norms’, stereotypes and perceptions and help individuals expand their happiness within themselves. Whether one to one, community groups, private parties or corporate team building, we take a holistic approach in nurturing personal confidence, self-expression, self-care, heightened sensory and social perception – all through our original repertoire.

To maximise results, we always tailor our workshops to the desires and practicalities of each situation.

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  • Ministry of Burlesque – dress up and peel off with playful theatrics in this workshop that explores the absurdity of Gender and Beauty in identity. Perfect for an adventures in understanding. (All ages)
  • Model Citizens – learn the surprisingly obvious myths and trickery of beauty and fashion photography – and be shot dead (gorgeous)! Perfect practice for enhancing body and gender confidence. (All ages)
  • Nymphology – an exciting reflective session on sexuality and sensuality with proactive activities reinventing the hidden nymph within… (Adult)
  • Psyche Society – take a practical look at ‘Paranormal’ Research and begin to expand your own understanding and use of ‘The Senses’ – way beyond the 5th… and even 6th sense… (All ages)
  • Purrfit – inspired by feline antics and confidence this workshop teaches new practice that encourages self-care and the expansion of Mind-Body Balance. (All ages)
  • Snakes in Schools! – be enthralled and enlightened by these misunderstood creatures who can actually teach us about acceptance, care and appreciation of individual difference. This workshop is essspecially fantassstic for the emotional growth of primary age children. (All ages)