Snakes in Schools!

Let us bring our friendly pythons to school and marvel at what you can learn with our ‘scales of the unexpected’.

Learn about the the ‘three Cs’ of animal handing (Calm, Confidenceand with Care!) and inspire empathy, responsibility, compassion and even a little practice in overcoming anxiety.

Challenge children and teachers alike to examine these fabulous critters closely – their differently abled bodies, their fascinating history in evolution and their rather peculiarly prejudiced casting in our many stories and fears. Snakes make great little therapisssssts you know!

Sparking powerful social conversation, snakes are wonderful life metaphors for children. Consider how:

  • they experience regular ‘transitions’ as they shed their skins, going from feeling awkward, sad or vulnerable to better than ever!
  • they demonstrate amazing grace, agility and strength without limbs – how being differently abled is sometimes the best way to be!
  • they show intricate geometric beauty on their often feared scales, and are definitely not slimy! In fact, Ancient queens wore live snakes as jewellery!