Siren School

…for Landlocked Mermaids

ss-canvas-webDive down under the surface of body and mind to explore the deepest seas of your soul. We will teach you the lore, legend and legacy of mermaids exploring their meaning and power today – while discovering your own hidden depths and strengths.

As a member of our Siren School you will…

• Safely experience how to swim ‘as a mermaid’ feeling at one with the water; exploring your amazing, adaptable, glorious body in free flowing grace.
• Create and express your own Mermaid identity by creating glamorous costumes and posing in an aquatic or land-based photoshoot.
• Receive individual ‘seashell healing’ (an ancient Hawaiian practice) where siren sisters receive personal treatment and learn about the fascinating properties held by each beautiful shel (link to shop category). Or, perhaps become a practitioner (link to page)?

On our weekend retreats you will also:

• …be served a fully custom created oceanic banquet with all the suken gems from our seas (we cater for special dietary requirements, etc.)
• In the evenings there will be time to craft and create your own beautiful mermaid accessories, relax with new friends. Perhaps explore a personal card or pendulum reading or enjoy a complimentary therapy treatment… seaweed wrap? Head massage? (enter evening activity ).
• Together we will celebrate and pay homage to our mysterious siren sisters – honouring Water, Women and Wild Freedom with ceremonial music, song, conch shell blowing and a mesmerizing, meditation sound bath. 
Where possible, we do so on a coastal sea beach.