purrfit-squareAdmiring the independence, strength, grace and playful will of cats Purrfit adopts an extended feline metaphor to inspire our own mindful wellbeing in body, mind and soul.

PURR = An expression of healing or contentment. 

FIT = Able or Ready to adapt.

Would you like to gain confidence, balance and strength – in both body and mind?  Come to Purrfit and move, think and play like a pussycat.

Purrfit has an effective mantra: “Look. Leap. Live.”

“Look” symbolises the mind and our perspectives.

“Leap” symbolises the body and our self-confidence.

“Live” symbolises the soul and our self expression.

Advocating personal authenticity, Purrfit encourages  individuals to awaken their mind-body unity and explore their creative potential – unhindered by those all too ‘human’ doubts and fears.

Let go. Get Purrfit. Be More Cat.