In the Workplace

We are all human beings – even when we are humans doing. The workplace is no exception and to achieve optimum wellbeing, is to achieve optimum potential. We don’t stop being because we are busy.  At Avant Garden, we employ our signature ‘insightful and interactive’ approach to teaching and learning the skills and techniques required for wellbeing, mindful thinking and bigger picture thinking.
Welcome to the present world of Mindfulness and meditation – where being in the now is the key to both personal and business success. Mindfulness and meditative techniques can be easy to learn and adopt quickly, effectively and with lasting improvement in lower stress levels, improving concentration, clarity of mind and creative focus.

Team Building
Expanding on the very principles and techniques discovered in our Work Well mindfulness and meditation exercises, our Time Out sessions are personal development activities that are totally hands on, feet in, fingers out and well… just about every part of the body and brain you can imagine.
Read on to see how we instil a sense of derring-do and adventure beyond those limiting comfort zones we all hold, through exceptional team building and insight. Our uniquely devised activities lend themselves to conquering issues across a wide range of work place and work skills issues. For instance, could your people and business benefit from:

• Heightened sensory awareness in a workplace that calls for stringent health and safety rules?
• Accessing deeper levels of empathy where the tightening and strengthening of customer bonds and/or inter-staff relationships are key to sales and retention?
• Harnessing individual acuity and balance of both mind and body where multi-tasking is essential to timely productivity?
• Sheer confidence and big-picture thinking? (Who couldn’t use more of that!?)
Perhaps your business demands a variety of skills from your people. So you’ll be tickled pink to know that having a bespoke programme tailor-made is what we LOVE to do. Whether afternoon workshops, all-day action or weekend retreats our unusual, upbeat and memorable activities will be blended for your unique individual people who, make up your unique organisational whole.